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Leg Injury

Body First Therapy 

Sport therapy & massage clinic in Portsmouth, Southsea

Sport therapy & massage services

Body First Therapy is a sports therapy clinic dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and individualised treatments to all of our clients.
Our team of compassionate and experienced practitioners believe that physical and mental health are intertwined and strive to help our clients achieve their best physical and mental wellbeing. We offer a variety of services such as sports therapy, sports massage, injury rehabilitation and personal training. 
Child Physiotherapy

Sports Therapy 

Sports therapy is an aspect of health care that focuses on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Sports therapists use a variety of techniques including hands-on treatment, exercise, lifestyle advice and education to help prevent and treat injuries.


Rehabilitation plays a key role for sports therapists as they work with you to restore all levels back to help you perform at your optimum levels.

Sports massage on leg

Sports Massage 

Sport Massage is a specialised massage technique that helps to improve blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage to reduce muscle soreness, increase joint flexibility, decrease muscular tension whilst also giving you the feeling of wellbeing.

It is designed to enhance an athlete's performance and help them reach their peak physical condition.

This type of massage is also beneficial for those who are looking for relief from pain and discomfort caused by physical activity.


Dry Cupping 

Dry Cupping is another form of deep tissue massage. It works by applying glass cups on to areas of the body that feel tense. 

A gentle suction will cause a negative pressure drawing your skin up in to the cup (no skin is broken in the process).

The benefits of dry cupping include releasing of scar tissue and fascial adhesions, reducing painful trigger points, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieves pain, increases mobility and flexibilty, improves mature scars and decreases toxins.

It is an excellent way to help improve overall wellbeing. 


What is a Sports Therapist? A sports therapist specialises in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries related to sports and exercise. They use a variety of treatments to help athletes/non-athletes stay safe and healthy while participating in physical activities. Sports therapists can assess peripheral and spinal injuries, provide treatment such as manual therapy, soft tissue release and produce appropriate rehabilitation plans. They can suggest how to manage current injuries and well as prevent them in the future.

What to expect from your sports injury consultation. It might be a little daunting not knowing what to expect from your injury consultation. However, we are here to help you work out what is causing you symptoms of discomfort or pain. We will begin by taking a few details of what's going on, how long, where is the location etc, followed by background history to give us an idea of why you might be experiencing these symptoms. We will then ask you to do a few movements along with muscle tests either standing up or lying down to identify if there are any imbalances, tightness, stiffness, injuries in that area. Once the problem has been identified, our therapists will perform hands-on treatment to relieve symptoms, as well as providing you with suitable exercises to take home and practice.

What to expect after treatment? If you have an injury, you will be provided with a variety of exercises to complete as part of the rehab process. These videos will be sent directly to you with details of sets and reps. After a sports massage or dry cupping, you may find there is slight bruising on the surface of the skin. This is an effect of massage where blood is brought to the surface. It is not an issue, however It is advised that you keep an eye on it. It should dissapear within 2-3 days.

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